Sometimes work gets you down, you can be working away happily and then you hit a wall! You just stop, you get side tracked and find yourself being far less productive than you probably should be. Then you spend too much time trying to get yourself back into the work you were completing and before you know it, it's time to go home and you did half of what you had planned for the day.


Office Design Tips

There are plenty of ways you can improve office productivity, one such way is to introduce a new office design! Room layout and design could be holding you and your productivity back! From the clutter on your desk, to the colour of the walls! It might seem like something minor but a few simple design changes around the office could be all that's needed to boost productivity!

  • ergonomics
  • Clutter
  • Colour
  • Nature
  • open plan
  • Attitude

The world's best office design isn't going to help productivity if they feel chained to their desk, like they can't move around and stretch. Sitting in the same place all day, everyday can take it's affect, allow a little change. If everyone is wants to be productive, a good office design won't hurt.

Personal Tips

So the office looks great, the layout is perfect and should really be promoting your productivity now! Yet, you still find yourself stuck for ideas and feeling less productive than ever. It's hard sitting in the same place all day and coming up with fun ideas for your work, but that's the nature of your job, so how can you change things up a little?

  • Plan
  • Power Hour
  • break time
  • organise
  • Music
  • drink

Stay hydrated! Whether you're at work, home or out! It's important to everything, but in work, staying hydrated, always try to keep a water bottle by your side to prevent you from having to keep getting up and keep filling a cup and ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. It'll keep you focused and alert.

Now you know exactly how to stay productive in the office, you can be on top of your game and be sure to get through everything you need to!