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You need Clipboards but which material?

Clipboards were traditionally used to hold pieces of text and art that had been clipped from one piece of paper with scissors, before being pasted onto another sheet of paper. Nowadays we do most of our cutting and pasting on computers, but clipboards still have their uses. When you need a portable writing surface, or somewhere to hold all your paperwork together, a clipboard is just the tool, and here at Quantum Binders we produce bespoke clipboards in a variety of materials.

PVC Over Board
PVC Ring  Binders
Paper Over Board
Acrylic or Polypropylene
Polypropolene Ring Binders
Something Different
Different Ring  Binders

These clipboards are made up of greyboard stiffening which is covered with flexible PVC sheets. The PVC is high frequency welded together to seal in the greyboard panel, giving a structured and professional finish, before the clip mechanism is fitted to the top.

150gsm silk paper is printed, laminated, and mounted onto greyboard, before being fitted with the clipboard mechanism. Paper over board clipboards are perfect for customising with any design you choose.

These clipboards are made from a single thickness of acrylic or polypropylene sheet, typically 3mm thick. The material is cut to the required shape and size before the clip mechanism is attached.

At Quantum Binders we offer a completely bespoke service, so don’t hesitate to discuss your design ideas with us. We can produce clipboards out of a variety of materials, including metal, wood, leather, PU, and pure greyboard.

We make your product to your specification, so let your imagination run wild,
and we’ll make you wonderful products that you can be proud of.