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You need Oyster Card Wallets but which material?

The Oyster Card has revolutionised the way people travel around London. Simply top it up with pay and go credit or your seasonal bus and train fare and swipe your card when you get onto the bus or the Tube. Keep your travel card safe and secure with our durable Oyster Card wallets. At Quantum Binders we offer a completely bespoke service and can make travel card wallets from a wide variety of materials.

PVC Over Board
PVC Ring  Binders
Polypropolene Ring Binders
Something Different
Different Ring  Binders

These oyster card wallets are made from flexible PVC sheets which are high frequency welded together to create the pockets to store your travel cards and tickets. Both the outside and inside of the wallet can be printed, allowing you to fully personalise your Oyster Card wallet.

We start by printing the card with your chosen design, before trimming it to the right size and creasing it to create the fold. Self-adhesive or pre-made die cut pockets are then affixed to the inside back and/or front cover of the oyster card wallet.

A single thickness of polypropylene sheet, typically 500 microns thick, is die cut to the correct shape and size. The flat product is then creased and fitted with pockets to form a durable and water-resistant Oyster Card wallet.

Although PVC, card, and polypropylene are all popular choices for oyster card wallets, we offer a completely bespoke service. If you fancy an Oyster Card wallet from metal, acrylic, wood, leather, or PU then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We make your product to your specification, so let your imagination run wild,
and we’ll make you wonderful products that you can be proud of.