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You need Clipboards but what size?
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When we refer to the size of a Clipboard, we are referring to the size of the content it is designed to accommodate.
For example when we refer to an A4 Clipboard, we mean a Clipboard that is designed to accommodate paper sized 297x210mm.

Clipboards are usually designed to hold a minimal amount of capacity, less than 5mm for example. However you may have a requirement for a clipboard with a larger capacity, we have various methods for achieving this and would be happy to talk over the options.

Orientation refers to how you would like the content to be presented.
 We can fit the mechanism to any edge of the clipboard, therefore it is simple to make Clipboards to take contents with either portrait or landscape orientation.

Fancy something different? We offer a number of other material options such as metal, wood, leather, polyurethane, pure greyboard etc. Please contact us to discuss these materials further.

We make your product to your specification, so let your imagination run wild,
and we’ll make you wonderful products that you can be proud of.