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You need Tab Divider Finishing How we can help you?

If you have sheets that require tabs cut and/or holes drilled to fit onto a mechanism, then we can help. Our versatility means we can cope with any body widths, tab widths, numbers of tabs per flight and numbers of flights.

We can also offer Mylar reinforcement for the tabs and/or drilling margin if you want the tabs to be extra durable. You may also want to consider laminating the sheets on one or two sides if they are going to be subject to extensive use.

If you need extremely durable dividers then you may want to consider rigid PVC or polypropylene as these are significantly stronger than card or paper.

It is always best to discuss your requirements with us prior to placing the work to ensure all the factors affecting the tab dividers have been considered. We look forward to providing that finishing touch to your dividers.

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