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You Need Printing Which Process Do You Need?


Our expert printers specialise in screen printing, digital printing and litho printing. Which is right for you?

Screen Printing – screen printing is particularly well suited to printing spot colours on any material. Whilst you can print 4 colour process (full colour) using screen printing it is more economical to use digital or litho printing methods for 4 colour process.

Digital Printing – digital printing is the ideal printing method for short runs and particularly full colour printing. Most materials can be digitally printed and because digital printing is fast, its great for quick turnaround jobs.

Litho Printing – for larger quantity runs litho printing comes into its own, the quality and accuracy is very consistent but the real cost saving comes from the speeds of the machines, litho machines print 10-15 thousand sheets per hour as opposed to 5-8 hundred for digital.

We are the UK specialists in the design, manufacture & printing of high quality presentation, stationery and printed products.