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You need Tab Dividers but which material?

Tab dividers are used in ring binders and filing cabinets to segment paperwork and keep things organised. For example, if you’ve put together a manual containing the policies and procedures for your company, tab dividers provide a simple yet effective way to separate the different sections and make the manual user friendly. At Quantum Binders we produce bespoke file tab dividers in a range of different materials to suit your specific needs.

Card or Paper
PVC Ring  Binders
Polypropolene Ring Binders
Something Different
Different Ring  Binders
The most common choice of material for tab dividers is 350gsm card or paper. The card is printed on one or both sides before being trimmed to the correct size and shape. Finally the dividers are drilled with holes to fit the mechanisms of a standard ring binder – please advise if you require a different hole size.

Another popular choice for file tab dividers is rigid PVC. The material is typically 200 microns thick, and is printed on one or both sides before being cut to the required size and shape. The tab dividers are then collated into sets and punched with holes to fit a standard ring binder mechanism.

Polypropylene is a popular choice for heavy-duty file dividers as it is typically 500 microns thick and is more durable than paper or card. The polypropylene sheet is printed on one or two sides, trimmed to the correct shape and size, and punched with holes that fit a standard ring binder mechanism.

Although card, PVC, and polypropylene are the more popular choices for file tab dividers, we’re also able to accommodate bespoke requests. Whether you would like file tab dividers made from metal, acrylic, wood, PU, leather, greyboard, or something completely different, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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