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You need Tab Dividers but what size?
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When we refer to the size of Tab Dividers, firstly we are referring to the ‘body’ of the tab, this should be the same size as the contents pages, A4 for example. Secondly the ‘tab’ width is the other important dimension. It determines how far the tab protrudes from the contents.

Next we need to know how many dividers you need. This is usually determined by the number of sections you have. If you have a large number of sections it may be best to have multiple flights of dividers to avoid the individual tabs becoming too small to be legible.

Orientation refers to how you would like the content to be presented. We make Tab Dividers in either portrait or landscape orientation and the tabs can be applied to any edge so there are no limits to your design.

We make all the standard sizes and tab shapes, hundreds more special sizes and tab shapes and can make any custom size or tab shape you require so contact us to discuss what you would like and we’ll design it for you.

We make your product to your specification, so let your imagination run wild,
and we’ll make you wonderful products that you can be proud of.