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You need Foldover Clipboards but which material?

Foldover Clipboards are the perfect portable writing surface, often used by market researchers, door-to-door sales people etc to keep their paperwork neat and tidy. Foldover clipboards also feature a flap that closes over the clipboard like a book, protecting your paperwork from wind, rain, and spills. At Quantum Binders we produce bespoke foldover clipboards from a variety of materials to suit your requirements.

PVC Over Board
PVC Ring  Binders
Paper Over Board
Polypropolene Ring Binders
Something Different
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Our PVC Foldover clipboards are made from greyboard stiffening which is covered in a flexible PVC sheet before being high frequency welded together to seal in the panels. The inside back cover of the board is then fitted with the clipboard clip mechanism.

Our paper over board foldover clipboards are made using 150gsm silk paper. The paper is printed, laminated, and mounted onto greyboard, which is then creased in two places to form the spine of the Foldover Clipboard. The clip mechanism is then fitted to the inside back cover to complete the Foldover clipboards.

Metal foldover clipboards are made from promolyte which is aluminium and polypropylene sandwiched together. The promolyte sheet is CNC machined to form it into the right shape, and grooves are made in the material to form the spine. The clipboard is then finished off with the addition of the clip mechanism.

We offer a completely bespoke service, so if PVC, paper or metal don’t take your fancy then we can produce your foldover clipboard from materials such as leather, wood, PU, acrylic, pure greyboard and more. Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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