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You need Foldover Clipboards How Many Do You Need?


The price for each Foldover Clipboard will get cheaper the more you order so we need to know how many products you want to purchase.
 If you are not sure then we are happy to provide two or three quantity options to show you the price reductions as the quantity increases.
 Setup costs mean lower quantities are more expensive, by increasing the quantity the setup costs are shared between a larger amount of products, making each Foldover Clipboard cheaper.

What’s going with your Foldover Clipboard?

Do you need printed forms, CD’s, booklets or any other products?

We can manufacture and assemble everything for you.

You receive your Foldover Clipboards, pre-loaded with your printed forms, booklets and anything else you need.

Please see our other products pages or contact us to discuss what you are interested in.


We make your product to your specification, so let your imagination run wild,
and we’ll make you wonderful products that you can be proud of.
Which Material? What Size? Printed or Personalised? How Many Do You Need?