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You need Design then You Need Us.

PVC Ring  Binders

Our product designers work hand in hand with our manufacturing experts to develop and construct products that will fulfill not only your requirements but exceed your expectations.

We’re not just your run of the mill designers that focus purely on making things look pretty but don’t necessarily work well in practice, we focus on both aspects of design;

1. Function – This is what the product is designed to actually do and is of the utmost importance. After all an envelope without an opening may look better but how do you put the letter inside?

2. Form – This is where we’re all about the looks, a plain white binder is functional so fulfills the form requirements but what does it say about you or your company, let us bring your products to life and emphasise your brand values.

The UK specialists in the design, manufacture & printing of high quality presentation, stationery and printed products.