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You need Point of Sale but which material?
PVC Ring  Binders
Acrylic or Polypropylene
Polypropolene Ring Binders
Something Different
Different Ring  Binders

PVC Point of Sale Displays consist of flexible PVC sheets and greyboard stiffening panels. The sheets are high frequency welded together, sealing in the greyboard panels, giving the product its shape and size.

Card Point of Sale Displays can be made in a various different ways but typically the card is printed, laminated and then die cut to shape. Multiple card sections can be made to produce more complex structures. Full colour printing also really elevates the design.

Acrylic or Polypropylene Point of Sale Displays typically consist of a single thickness of polypropylene sheet, typically 1-3mm thick. The pieces are laser cut to shape and size then assembled into the finished Point of Sale Display.

Fancy something different?  We offer a number of other material options such as metal, wood, foam, leather, polyurethane etc. Please contact us to discuss these materials further.

We make your product to your specification, so let your imagination run wild,
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